“I was strengthened in my decision to take parental leave and felt a strong loyalty towards my employer, that was proactive in the matter. My paternity leave showed me links between parenthood and leadership and I use the mindset forward to motivate and develop my employees.” 

Parentsmart Manager Role Model: 

Joakim Ströberg, Sweden, Father of 3, on paternity leave when working as Marketing Manager at Telge Corp
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“It’s about supporting working parents both in practise and attitudes, and showing WHY, the ROI
– for attractive employers adding to more equal societies.”

Tiina Bruno, Sweden, Mother of 3, thought leader and founder of the initiative
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Role models

We collect inspiring examples and stories for exchange of experience – 3 Swedish examples below:

Stefan Hollmark, Sweden
Parentsmart Employer: Stefan Hollmark, Father of 3, former CEO at Telge Corp, today Director of Tyresö municipality
Parentsmart Employer

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Joakim Ströberg, Sweden
Father of 3, quoted when working as marketing manager at Telge AB
Parentsmart Manager

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Anna K. Strömberg, Sweden
Mother of 4, during her time as an analyst at Nordea
Parentsmart Employee

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Video dialogue with Daddy Joe - Why you should ask for a raise after parental leave

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become a role model

Organizations can get going mainly by the following 3 possibilities:

Getting Started - initiating the mindset

For organizations who want to start getting to know the Parentsmart Employers idea, and understand how it could make a difference:
  • Inspiration seminar: Tiina Bruno lecture about the norm breaking initiative - from WHY to HOW.
  • Dialogue workshop: interactive seminar with local or internal panel and group discussions with dialogue charts.
  • Webinar: Tiina Bruno live or recorded in a mindblowing hour to start changing attitudes.

Roll-out for employers

For organizations who want to implement Parentsmart Employers model internally.
  • Train-the-trainer program for managers and internal ambassadors to learn, adopt and spread the Parentsmart Employer mindset and model internally and internationally.
  • - Live workshops
  • - Webinars
  • - Skype coaching for managers and ambassadors
  • - Download of material & tools
  • - PS Employer Policy, company adapted guidelines
  • - PS Employer Role Model strategy for internal and external communication

Training for local consultants

For local consultants who want to train and support local employers according to the Parentsmart Employers model.
  • Train-the-trainer course:
  • - Live workshops
  • - Webinars
  • - Skype coaching for local trainers
  • - Download of trainer material
  • - PS Employer Policy guidelines
  • - PS Employer Role Model Strategy