Tiina Bruno

Founder of the Familysmart/Parentsmart at work mindset and model. 


Tiina Bruno is a Swedish mother, entrepreneur, economist, management consultant, international lecturer and thought leader in the area of family supportive workplaces, modern employer branding, inclusion and social sustainability. She is CEO of Föräldrasmart Sverige AB with a  team of associated experts in employer and government support to families. 

Tiina is the founder of the FamSmart at work concept for Familysmart/Parentsmart employers and employees. The idea uses keys to shift awareness to family as an asset – not a burden – at work. It may be used as a concrete universal example to go from words to action when companies aim for more inclusive, gender equal and sustainable workplaces.
Partnering with global companies and UN agencies Tiina & co focus on attitudes and norms making policies live in practise and give long term impact with wins for all. 
Her vision since the start 2008 is that no one should need to choose between work or family, anywhere in the world. And that employers use ALL available competence in a smartare way. With the mission to identify, support, develop and share Familysmart examples from employers and leaders believing in this perspective she builds bridges to promote exchange of best practise and inspiration cross country borders.

Tiina is often referred to as a “norm breaker”, for her way of daring to explore what companies/organisations actually mean with the promises they give their employees in abstract areas like inclusion and work life balance. Her pioneer initiatives challenge and develop traditional work life patterns, promoting more concrete action and focus on work place norms and leader attitudes. 

After research (100 managers with kids in Sweden) and launch of the Parentsmart employers book 2010 her perspective on the topic of working parents has got a lot of attention both in Sweden and abroad, mainly for using parenthood as a universal inclusion example relevant in all countries, and for the way of combining hard core ROI/business goals and figures with the ROI values of competence developed. Since then the concept has been broadened to include caregiving in all family settings, not only parenting, but lots of expertise is devoted to the area of parental leave and how to support and value working parents. 

Tiina has been invited to many international conferences and seminars during the past 10 years, to promote the employer wins to increase the development in countries where governments support working parents. Today she also arranges study visits to Swedish companies in cooperation with UN agencies and local Embassies, as an expert in the area and the Swedish model. She has a strong belief in international exchange of experience and the train-the-trainer model for global companies promotes the spread of best practise for all countries to develop faster and learn from each other.