Tiina Bruno

– Thought Leader and founder of the Parentsmart employers mindset and model

Tiina Bruno is a Swedish mother of three, an economist, management consultant, author and international lecturer. She is the founder of the Parentsmart Employers model and CEO of Föräldrasmart Sverige AB.

Tiina is often referred to as a “norm breaker” and thought leader/influencer, for her way of daring to explore what companies/organisations actually mean with the inclusion, sustainable work life, work-life balance etc that they want to offer their employees.
Her pioneer initiatives challenge and develop traditional patterns in working life, promoting more concrete action as well as development of abstract norms and attitudes. With a team of experts she promotes leverage activities for impact both at work and in life as a whole. Parentsmart Employers is one example – with inspiration from the Swedish Model, but with many parts adaptable and applicable everywhere.

After research (100 managers with kids in Sweden) and launch of the Parentsmart employers book 2010 her perspective on the topic of working parents has got a lot of attention both in Sweden and abroad, mainly for using parenthood as a universal inclusion example relevant in all countries, and for the way of combining hard core ROI/business goals and figures with the ROI values of competence developed.

Tiina is has been invited to many international conferences and seminars during the past 10 years, to promote the employer wins to increase the development in countries where governments support working parents. Today she also arranges study visits to Swedish companies in cooperation with UN agencies and local Embassies, as an expert in the area and the Swedish model. She has a strong belief in international exchange of experience and the Parentsmart train-the-trainer model for global companies promotes the spread of best practise for all countries to develop faster and learn from each other.

During 2019 Tiina and her partners have initiated a study with support from Vinnova, to understand how employers want to proceed in the area of working parents. The study shows an increasing interest for a possible new Swedish standard (with international ISO potential), to make it easier for both local and global companies to implement practical support and leader attitudes promoting both maternity and paternity leave and continued combination of work with family, no matter where in the world.