Here we describe some examples of Parentsmart Employer steps implemented by pioneer employers.

Parentsmart Dialogue workshop with managers – Netlight Consulting, Telenor, PwC, Eniro, Finansförbundet..

Parentsmart Dialogue workshop with employees and future employees/students – ex Sandvik Coromant, Deloitte, Unionen..
– Discussions with a structured setting to raise awareness on individual and group basis, identify internal examples and role models, and gather stories, thoughts and ideas with concrete use of dialogue charts.

Program for employees on parental leave – ex Telge Corp
A Parentsmart parental leave: competence discussions/gatherings once a month. Focus on building individual examples of parental skills useful at work.
A Parentsmart new start: monthly lunch meetings to kick-in employees from parental leave into their new role as working parents. Focus on combining work and family with high confidence and conscious use of parental skills in everyday work.