The Parentsmart Role Model Network
– a global exchange of experiences, developing attitudes and employer support to working parents  

Circumstances are different around the world, but parenthood is a value at work everywhere.
We are collecting and spreading Parentsmart Employer/Manager/Employee local stories & examples of best practise around the world – showing that parenthood value at work is a universal fact, possible to highlight everywhere. Parents develop skills attractive for successful companies and organisations, regardless of type of business, local culture, social norms or legislation.
Parentsmart attitudes about this fact make a difference, no matter where.

Soon you will be able to view and be inspired by stories on a global Parentsmart Role Model map, building cross border networks for employers, managers and employees. Add your own example and be part of an important and norm breaking movement. You will inspire others to realize a fact that may contribute to more equal and sustainable workplaces and societies, taking advantage of ALL available competence.

Become a Parentsmart Role Model – Share your stories!