Get started running the 4 steps making a difference, from NOW and WHY to HOW and SHOW.
Start with an internal discussion about your current attitudes regarding parental leaves and working parents, and what’s in it for you to invest in support to employed parents.

The Parentsmart Employer concept includes a set of employer methods and tools to implement both practical support to working parents, and develop attitudes concerning parenthood & work. A mix of workshops, train-the-trainer material for leaders and ambassadors, tools for everyday use etc make the issue concrete. A combination of employer guidelines with continuous role model dialogues will give a significant effect, from the first day.

The Swedish Parentsmart Employer team helps you arrange everything from a local lecture/dialogue workshop with a panel of local/internal role models, to global train-the-trainer programs to roll out Parentsmart Employer Standards & Certification on an international level.

Start with a Skype meeting to discuss adaptation to your local possibilities and challenges, and which first step to take.


4 steps

The handbook for managers and employees will soon be available in English, Japanese and Russian, for spreading the idea and experience further abroad. And to adapt the idea with local parentsmart role models and examples among companies, managers and employees in other countries.

The book is also possible to adapt for spreading internal examples and best practise in a global Company/Organisation.

Contact for more information: +46-708 46 08 16