Initiative example: Family Smart dialogue workshop with leaders, employees and future employees/students
Discussions with a structured setting to raise awareness on individual and group basis, identify internal role model examples and gather storiesthoughts and ideas. 

“We want to be an innovative company, and know that diversity and a broad view on competence stimulates innovation. It is important for us to attract future talent and develop and keep the employees we have.

From a profitability perspective parents develop lots of skills “free of charge” for the company. To be a Family smart company makes employees develop and grow. When we help them combine work with family and see parenthood as an asset their
performance increases, we get lower employee turnover and positive effects on
our profitability.

To be a Family smart Company is to BE the future, encouraging time and close dialogue with children – our future customers and employees.”

/Klas Forsström, CEO at Munters AB, quoted when he was CEO at Sandvik Coromant