Parents develop many skills that are useful at work, not the least in modern leadership. These competences can be considered an enormous, but often hidden, potential for both employers, managers and employees.

Parentsmart Employers see parenthood as an important company ASSET, not as a burden and cost. They invest in practical support for the combination of work and family. Most importantly – they know and show WHY. They show the  ROI – Return On Investment in flexible working hours, tools for distance working, payed parental leave etc.


The initiative has during the last years got a lot of interest in areas like Eastern Europe, Japan etc, since it shows a whole new and innovative perspective that provides leverage for more gender equal workplaces and societies. Parenthood value at work is a universal fact, possible to enlighten in all countries, regardless of culture, family traditions, legislation etc. It serves as a concrete universal example to start making use of ALL competence available in a smarter way. It is a matter of working in a more concrete way with sustainability, gender equality and inclusion.