Future hope at Gender Equality Days in Malmö

“Gender Equality is one of our most important questions for the future – not a gift to women!..”. The simple and sharp quote was mentioned by the Swedish Minister of Gender Equality, Åsa Regnér, at the opening of the big Gender Equality Conference in Malmö/ Sweden last week. The days in Malmö were  filled with inspiration, new ideas and hope for the future – and a lot of persons who shared important convictions and beliefs.
It was an honour to participate in the program with the ParentSmart Companies initiative. And it felt great to keep a lecture in my home country again, beside being incredibly grateful for more and more involvement in seminars and panels for international exchange of ideas and experience.

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Inauguration with our Swedish Minister of Gender Equality, Åsa Regnér.
Dear meetings among the participants – here with Malin Rogström and Camilla Wagner.

As many times before I was reminded of the fact that such a simple question can make such a big difference… “How does your parental competence add value to our company?” Parenthood, one of the best and toughest management courses you can find..

This time I kept a ParentSmart Co workshop together with a truly ParentSmart manager role model and father – Joakim Ströberg from Telge AB, the first ParentSmart Co in Sweden. Jocke talked about challenges for Telge now and in the future – how their parentsmart attitudes and activities help not only to attract but also develop and keep the talents needed. It builds the company Employer Brand to meet demands of future generations, it increases confidence among employed parents, makes it easier to go back to work after parental leave and makes both mothers and fathers see a positive career connection with being on parental leave.


“Leave no one behind!” One of the most interesting seminars from my point of view – about the new UN sustainable development goals – how they were developed and how the Swedish Government, counties, municipalities and organisations want to work towards the goals. Like wanting to have an ambassador for the goals in each municipality…great!
The journey towards the new goals is something I get more involved in for each day, and truly want to be part of with the ParentSmart Companies model – connecting to Gender Equality (goal No 5), Decent work and economic growth (No 8) and Reduced Inequalities within and among countries (No 10).  
Hillevi Engström (former Minister of Dev, today Head of Municipality of Upplands-Väsby and Anna Hedh (EU Parliament).



20160128_133717-1-1Kajsa B Olofsgård, Swedish ambassador for the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, beside Magnus Fälth, a fantastic person and Office 365-trainer, who is part of the team who will spread the ParentSmart Co concept internationally to the countries interested and in need for inspiration and concrete methods. Magnus has taken the wonderful decision to – together with his (today 6 year old) daughter – contribute in some way to each of the development goals until 2030. Imagine if everybody in the world would take the same decision..!

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