US-Sweden dialogue about paternity leave, paid parental leave, Parentsmart Employers…

Great exchange of experience between Sweden and the US when The American Club’s Intercultural Forum in Sweden arranged a seminar about the role of dads in the U.S. and Sweden at The Hilton in Stockholm this week.

We discussed hot topics in the panel, like paternity leaves – why and how? Which positive effects can it have on everything from the childs development to increased levels of female leaders in companies? We focused a lot on the steaming hot issue of payed parental leave in the US – who should pay, companies or the state?
And my focus area: WHY. As always I highlighted the impact for companies showing why they invest in support to employed parents, pay their parental leave etc = the ROI.
Namely all the competence they get back from their employed parents – a long list of key skills needed in modern, sustainable and successful/profitable companies.
Parenthood is one of the best management course you can get.

Michael Wells gave us interesting research about the treatment of fathers compared to mothers in Sweden, and Försäkringskassans latest info about effects of parental leaves was presented.  David Landes gave his interesting perspective as an American father in Sweden, having been on parental leave here.

Hope to continue this type of dialogues between Sweden and the US, they make both countries take steps forward.

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